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Will my cat be in a cage?

Yes and no. We like to call them condos because they measure 36 inches x 36 inches x 7 feet tall. They are made of fiberglass and have a glass door. Each condo contains three shelves, one hammock and a fort to hide in if they feel shy. There are multiple levels for lounging, eating and going potty. Also, the kitties are let out of their condos twice a day to exercise and stretch their paws. So, yes they are in a cage, but not in the old fashioned way with bars and stainless steel. (See photo)

What should I bring?

Please bring your cat's food. We don't want your kitty to get an upset stomach. Bring any medications/supplements. Make sure you bring more than enough for the visit in case of travel delays. We have everything else, litter, toys, beds and bowls. Sometimes people will bring something from home that smells like Mom or Dad (like a pillowcase or t-shirt) and that is okay too, just keep in mind if the item becomes soiled it will be washed in a load with bleach in it. If you decide to bring your kitty's bed make sure it is no bigger than a small circle bed.

May I pick up/drop off my cat on a Sunday?

We are happy to arrange pick ups and drop offs on any day of the week in the morning between 8am-11:30am and in the evening between 6pm-8pm.  We require  you make an appointment for picking up or dropping off and let us know when you are running late or early. Kitten Around Cat Boarding LLC is run out of our home and we may have other commitments. We also offer a shuttle service. For more info check out our Services Page

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