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Kitten Around is small and quiet

Each condo is 7 feet tall and has three shelves, a hammock, a basket and a fort to hide in

Horizontally configured condos available

Baskets and hammocks in every condo

Melinda is the owner of Kitten Around

Rob is our kitten whisperer

Big spaces for families

Shuttle service available

Night vision camera

You can check in on your kitty, day or night.

Of course I'm exercising

Staring contest

Families can room together

It's fun to play

Get it buddy!

Office worker

Helping out in the office

Check out my condo

Nap time

We love to care for your pets

Zach n Alex

Playtime everyday!

Night vision

Check in on your kitties for piece of mind. These two kitties are in the playroom and you can still see them at night because our cameras have night vision.

Scratchy scritchy

Lots of exercise for everyone.


So cute!


Up for hugs!


A little play every day keeps the blues away

Marlowe B

A repeat visit from Marlowe, I think he likes the upgraded condos.


Enjoying some sunshine

Melinda (Owner)

Give us a call for more information


Jake loves sunbeams


Catching the sunbeam


Sometimes all you need is a box


Beautiful old man always gets his medicine

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